Friday, 18 May 2012

Charlie Rallings

We're always encouraged and find it fun to take part in live briefs as it gives us the chance to get our work seen by the public as well as letting show professionalism by meeting deadlines and thinking why we are creating things in a certain way and who are we trying to appeal too.

It gets even better when our entries are chosen to be used and displayed by the company.  Along with two second year Westminster Illustration students, Charlie Rallings won The Fish Tank Project set by Design By Music.  The brief was to create some artwork for their glass office, hence the name Fish Tank.

She says "I was asked to come up with a window display idea for the glass Fishtank at the Music design agency. The design had to be inspired by a track of music of my choice. The tune my illustrations are based on is country track Hunters map by Fionn Regan."  Charlie's going up to Manchester soon to curate her piece, so we'll soon have images of that!  For now, here are her winning design mock ups.

 The Hunter

Hunter's Map

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