Friday, 18 May 2012

Broadvision 2012

The Broad Vision art/science programme offers students across the university a range of opportunities for art/science collaborative research and interdisciplinary learning. Since its inception in 2010 the programme has produced exhibitions, published books and articles, and presentations at conferences, festivals and symposiums.

Some of Westminster Illustration took part in this last year and this year.  It was great fun and gave us the chance to experiment and learn how art and science can be combined whether it may be for practical use or in a way to express and understand science in more creative way.

Since it began two years ago, one of our class mates Mell Fisher has been appointed Student Facilitator and will be going to the Subtle Technology Festival in Toronto where she will be presenting Broad Vision and herself as an artist.  Good Luck!

Below are a few pieces of Mel's work where she has explored fractal patterns in her drawings of urchins and transferred them onto canvas, turning them into 3D sculptures as well as the invitation to the Broad Vision 2012 Private View (downloadable pdf available HERE.)

Initial research drawings

Infinite Growth in Fractal Forms

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