Saturday, 2 June 2012

Paul Hickey

Less than a week until our Private View of our degree show.  Yesterday I went round London inviting people, visiting studios, picking up packages, dropping off packages.

With the amount of work that's been going on I'm gonna pick up the pace with this blog and post as much as possible.  All new updates will be post on our twitter page.

I caught up with Paul Hickey and asked him a few questions and to talk about some of his work.  He's been working with Rikki Hewitt and together have created the Four Eyes Collective.

Choose a noun, adjective and verb that best describes your work.
I'd like to think me work is direct and instructive.

Have you done any work outside of university?
Yes, I designed a Poster for the charity 'Right To Play'.

What is your preferred working enviroment? (studio, home, music, outside etc???)
I prefer to work in a studio environment.

Where in London is your favourite gallery and why? Where was the last exhibition you went to and what did you think of it?

My favourite gallery is Lazarides at Rathbone Place. All my favourite artists have a close relationship with this gallery and exhibit there often. The last exhibition I saw was here, it was '10,000 Years From Now', by Ian Francis. I loved it. I've been waiting a long time for him to put another exhibition on in London and he did not disappoint.

What's does your next project entail?

My current project is a collaborative installation, with Rikki Hewitt (Four Eyes Collective) about being an 'outsider'. We will continue to develop on this subject, and exhibit it in the near future.

My work in the last year has had a key focus on current and historical political events aswell as social commentary. I generally choose subjects I am interested in, what is current or things I want to learn more about myself.  

‘The Troubles’ (portrait of the girl) Was for a project to create an editorial illustration to coincide with a BBC article describing the violence that was subjected to local residents by the British Army during ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. 

‘Down Street Station’  This was my entry for the 2012 Serco Prize for Illustration. The brief required an illustration which showed a hidden side to London, particularly its transport system. Serco wanted it to excite and interest the public.
I focussed on Down Street Station. It was initially closed in 1932 and has been relatively forgotten about by the public since then. But it has a rich, secret history that many do not know about. During the Second World War, Prime Minister, Winston Churchill used it as a secret meeting place for himself and his War Cabinet. The disused station provided the safety and peace needed for planning Britains’ victory in the War.

‘Outsiders’  This is part of the work going in the degree show which I am collaborating with Rikki Hewitt on, under the name, Four Eyes Collective.  The work is a commentary on what life is like living in a small, out-dated town in which we have both experienced. 

Time seems to have stood still here. They know how they like to live, and they are not open to change. So if you yourself show any form of change your become judged, commented upon or even isolated. We are illustrating the frustration of this. 

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