Friday, 1 June 2012

Holly Goodwin

In the studio, my desk is next to Holly Goodwin.  I've realised that our own spaces in the studio do reflect how we work and what our work's character is; My desk is always messy and chaotic just like my work, but Holly's has individual drawings displayed on her white board, neatly lined up.  I see her work being  about placement and embracing negative space, creating an eerie ambiance to the work.  From this, Holly's places her images which levitate on the page making her characters very ghost-like.  

I asked Holly some questions and here what she has to say:

1. Choose a noun, adjective or verb that best describes your work.
finite, or transitional

2. Have you done any work outside of university?I've done a few individual commissions, but nothing incredibly exciting yet. My internship (at Games Workshop) next year is what I'm really looking forward to.

3. What is your preferred working enviroment? (studio, home, music, outside etc???)I like to separate my home life and my working life slightly so I feel more comfortable working in the studio. The huge variety of people and styes of work means that I get a lot of really interesting input and ideas.

4. Where in London is your favourite gallery and why? Where was the last exhibition you went to ad what did you think of it?The Huntarian Museum at the Royal College of surgeons. Its unparalleled in macabre, interesting things to experience. And when you like drawing skulls as much as I do, its the perfect place. The Ray Harryhausen exhibition at The Southbank centre. Jason and the argonauts was my favourite movie growing up, and Harryhausen's work with stop motion was pioneering.

5. What's does your next project entail?I want to continue working with cultural symbology but not necessarily with Voodoo.

My favourite piece of work Holly's done? The lead heart & ink performance from the Tell Tale Heart project.

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