Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Louisa Taylor

Louisa’s Illustrations are predominantly portraiture based. She has always been interested in portraiture painting, etching and drawing. She is interested in depicting certain emotions through mark making and contrasting black and white, in a range of mediums. Her recent connection between film and portraits has led her to create images, which portray moments or themes in films.

Choose a noun, adjective and verb that best describes your work.
Graphite, comprehensive, depict 

Have you done any work outside of university?
I worked at the Topshop and Topman Offices, Arcadia, last summer for a couple of weeks, I created some designs for menswear. I’m also working on a Children’s book right now.

What is your preferred working enviroment? (studio, home, music, outside etc???)
It depends what it is, some of my work is very personal and I can’t work anywhere but my own desk. However, my work tends to flow a lot easier when I really engage with my environment. I recently drew from Kensington Rooftop Gardens and literally had to be kicked out at closing time, as I was so engrossed with the stunning gardens and flamingos.

Where in London is your favourite gallery and why? Where was the last exhibition you went to and what did you think of it?
I have to say that I really enjoy the more historical artworks on display; the V&A and unsurprisingly the National Portrait Gallery have always been favorites. Although more recently I visited the David Hockney Exhibition ‘ A Bigger Picture’ at the RCA and was blown away.

My most recent visit was to Quentin Blake’s ‘Swimmer’ Exhibition, Clare College, Cambridge. How can I say one bad word about Quentin? Beautiful green and blue prints commissioned for a maternity hospital in France. There was so much serenity in that room, his illustrations never cease to do exactly what they are intended for.

What's does your next project entail?
My current project is completing a commissioned Children’s book, it’s about mythological creates so it is a very new challenge for me. I do not necessarily know my next personal project, but that is the beauty of it. I just start off with sketching and I am usually drawn to a certain face or certain piece in the media and work from there. I am currently also looking for another internship.

You can keep up to date with Louisa's work on her blog HERE.

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