Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jon Roscorla

So, tomorrow is the Private View of our Degree Show.  We've all been in the Gallery since 10am and I didn't get home 'til 9pm.  I'm very tired and very dirty.

I've been doing this blog for a few weeks now and am going to write about myself.  It's gonna be short as I am SO tired and have to finish off hanging my work/ setting up for tomorrow night.  Anyway, I'm gonna answer my own questions and put some of my work on here.  Hope you like it, check out my website HERE.

Choose a noun, adjective and/or verb that best describes your work.
Pop/ Teen Cultured & Disruptive.

Have you done any work outside of university?
Yeah, I've done quite a bit; over the past two years I've worked for Illustrated People where I designed t-shirts for Topshop and a menswear collection for their online store.  One design (of my cat) was even worn by Plan B in his music video Ill Manors.  Also, clothing company Aqua by Aqua.  I did some digital prints for them.  Over the Christmas period I was part of the print, pattern & embroidery department for Alexander McQueen.  There I drew a lot of flowers, skulls and design embellishments for clothing.  I was lucky enough to have worked on a dress for Kate Middleton.  As well as that, I've built a sculpture for Queen of Hoxton, worked a bit on the BBC W1 Programme through University and helped out and even held exhibitions at a few galleries around London.  It's been very busy for me, but I kinda thrive off it.

What is your preferred working enviroment? (studio, home, music, outside etc???)
I like working in a studio.  You can put work on a wall, have facilities everywhere, people to talk to and bounce ideas off.  When I get home I just sit in front the t.v., play video games, eat and smoke.  Plus my bedroom is tiny so I find really hard to work in there, even though that's just as cluttered as my studio space at Uni.

Where in London is your favourite gallery and why? Where was the last exhibition you went to and what did you think of it?
Everyone loves the Saatchi Gallery.  It's always full of amazing artwork from all around the world and I like that the whole Gallery has a theme about it.  I also love Richard Wilson's 20:50.  The last exhibition I visited was the Fine Art Degree show at P3 and the Fashion Show.  I love going round the Graduate shows as everything is so fresh and new.  Also, it's nice to go and support your friends.

What's does your next project entail?
I'm going to America for a month in July so hopefully I'll get inspired there.  I just want to get a job and relax for a bit.  Sleep for a few years.  I really want to carry on working in print making, especially fashion print.

Who/ what inspires you?
References to niche pop culture, YBA, Larry Clarke, Harmony Korine, youths, James Long, different types of printmaking, fashion print, London, video games, EVERYTHING.

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