Thursday, 31 May 2012

Suzie Patrick

Suzie’s work touches on elements of history and nostalgia. She works in a variety of ways switching between drawing, printmaking, photography and moving image, a visual language that is united by a soft feminine colour-palette.  The aesthetics of her imagery invites you into her thinking and working process; the hand-on elements are there to be seen. We caught up with Suzie after a gruelling session in the print room:

What are you exhibiting at the show?
A video loop. It explores our over-exposure to unattainable beauty in the media and advertising, and the detrimental effects that this might have. But I had a lot of fun with it, creating my own kaleidoscopes and playing with the split mirror-effect that it produced.

Is making things, like your kaleidoscope, part of your working method?
I don’t always make things, but I am a process-driven person and I find that if I just do and make, the ideas always materialise.

Describe your style in one sentence:
Crisp but playful; feminine and hands-on.

What do you love about what you do?
I love how I can take inspiration from anywhere: like when you see something seemingly uninteresting, a nice coloured door, you can store it away in the little box in your head and dig it up months later.

What’s in the little box in your head at the moment?
I have been absent-mindedly recording the faces of every cat I’ve seen in London for about a year now. I was thinking of making a piece of work about this but it will probably make me look like a crazy cat lady.

Aside from the smaller details, are there bigger themes that recur in your work?
I find myself very influenced by history and this influence varies between being a direct subject or a stylistic nod.

What kept you sane during the final major project?
I write A LOT of to-do lists.

See more of Suzie’s work HERE.

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