Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Camilla Perkins

Camilla has been one of my close friends on my course for the past three years.  Her work is always colourful and recently has been focusing on botany, zoology and marine biology.  Her drawings are created and usually applied to house hold ceramics.  Her interests can be quite macabre but she is able to project and communicate to everyone through her playful drawings, especially her awareness campaign inspired by Dispatches: Saving Africa's Witch Children.  Check out more from Camilla HERE.

I asked some questions about what she's been up to recently:

Choose a noun, adjective or verb that best describes your work.

What is your preferred working enviroment? (studio, home, music, outside etc???)
I prefer to work in the studio with others, I feel it is important to be surrounded by other creatives whose critical input can help you to view the project you're working on with fresh eyes. They are also useful for company on regular fag breaks and providing a constant supply of cadbury's creme eggs.

Where in London is your favourite gallery and why? 
My favourite gallery to visit is the Museum of Everything exhibition at the space in Primrose Hill, I fell in love with outsider art after visiting the first exhibition. I also love to visit medical museums like the Grant and Huntarian Museums, I find the biological specimens both horrifying and intriguing.

What's does your next project entail?
In future projects I would love to explore new mediums like ceramics and weaving, although the last thing I made from clay was a furby when I was 7. Ideally I would like to create a range of dinnerware, 
fabrics and furnishings.

Here's a peek at what Camilla will be showing at IDENTITY 2012.

Marine Biology Design

Zoology Design

Ceramic Plate Designs; David Bellamy for Botany, David Attenborough for Zoology,
Jaques Cousteau for Marine Biology.

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