Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Elly Harris

Elly Harris is another Westminster Illustration student who has been with us for the past three years.  Her recent project involved storytelling with integrated awareness; a great way of illustrating something with a purpose.  

Elly has produced some pop-up children's book which alter between two cultures.  I personally like how when reading you are able to see and absorb the differences in the cultures, yet Elly has managed to keep her collage technique in sync.  Here a few glimpses of the books and what Elly has to about how the project got kicked started.

Elly Harris is a collage style Illustrator . For her Final Major Project she created a collage pop-up childrens book called 'My Home Your Home'. It is a comparison book, one in the day of the life of an English child and the other in the day in the life of an African child. Her inspiration for this project came from her uncles charity 'Operation Wellfound' -a charity building wells for deprived villages in Africa. Creating a colourful collage pop-up book is a nice way of making the children aware of the world they live in.

At IDENTITY 2012 there will be a lounge area; here you can read books, flick through portfolios or just relax and socialise with friends or new friends and a drink.

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